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Micro-manpower system

Micro-manpower system"to make recruitment can also be more intelligent and social

"Micro-manpower system"to make recruitment can also be more intelligent and social

Congratulations! If you are willing to click and see, even if it is not the boss, it will certainly be a big Boss, because what you care about is exactly the point that an outstanding business owner can't ignore.

Thousands of troops are easy to get. To recruit talents that are truly suitable for the development of the company is like “Dalang Esha is starting to see gold”. According to statistics, the company’s HR can only select 50 candidates for each interview, and only one candidate is qualified for the position.

In order to meet the criteria of selecting the most suitable ones, most of the time, the companies can find more suitable candidates, but the efficiency problems that come along with them are also a stone in the heart of the corporate human resources department.

How can I find better candidates in less time? This is a question that the human resources department is pondering over.

The recruiting process of most companies still stays in the original stage, manual filling in materials, unannounced review of resumes, and rigid interviewing process. With this traditional recruitment process, not only recruiters (including HR and interviewers) are exhausted, but they also easily lead to omissions in information records. The level of interviewers is difficult to visually compare. Recruitment is inefficient and does not find the right person.

So, how can we overcome this bottleneck, optimize the recruitment process, double the efficiency of the human resources department, and allow companies to spike opponents in the talent competition?

“Micromanpower System“by Celnet enables recruitment to be smarter and more socialized, making compensation and employee relationship management more efficient and convenient, and gaining a new social connection to future talent. Experience.

With the help of Socail media, corporate Socail media, and Salesforce connection, let micro-manpower open up the closed loop of recruitment information management.

View the detailed introduction of Celnet micro-manpower, so that your company's human efficiency can be effectively improved!