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Mead Johnson

Use Salesforce, the establishment of a unified national customer platform to enhance market influence

Business challenges

1.Knowledge base is not unified management
2.Data source mode, no batch input or batch automatic entry functions
3.The use of local systems can not be achieved docking with the Hong Kong system
4.Data analysis is complex and takes a lot of time


1.Call for generation of task logic, according to the baby's date of birth and the last call logic. Automatically generate call tasks
2.According to the baby age automatically match the corresponding questionnaire
3.Develop dynamic configurable questionnaires and set dependencies or progressive relationships between questionnaires
4.Develop marketing activities and task generation logic


1. Enhance the efficiency of Call center, on a unified platform
2.Increase the complex logic of statistical analysis and produce accurate and rich statements and dashboards, greatly improving the performance through the system analysis capabilities
3.Through the management and integration of market activities, greatly enhance the market influence of the analytical capacity