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Hang Tang Wealth

Salesforce platform to create excellent customer service system of Hang Tang Wealth

Business challenges

1. For the problems encountered in the development of enterprises, decided to sort out the existing business, change the original sales-intensive model, and strive to provide customers with better financial advice, improve care skills
2.Customer-centric, breakthrough information island, and provide a multi-contact multi-channel for customer financial management and value-added services management tools for the financial division
3.From the customer needs point of view, to provide customers with differentiated products and services, build support " Heng Tian Wealth service is good" service system
4.To enhance the team's internal execution and service level, for the construction of Heng Tian for the future growth and development of financial planner platform. Customers want to use the Salesforce system to help companies achieve "burst", "cool", "flat" enterprise management application platform


1.Project construction business process management to achieve customer management and product management, the establishment of qualified, appropriate investor screening process and multi-sectoral collaborative product screening process, while customer management and product management to establish a sound risk control
2.Customer-oriented line of life-cycle management
3.Establish a complete and unified business information model for business development; full record and track the customer's static and dynamic information; in a unified customer on the basis of the customer to try to segment
4.Through the service process runs through the customer and product two main line of the process


1.Construction of Hang Tang wealth based business operations support platform to eliminate the information island, to customers and products as the main line to a comprehensive landing "Hang Tang service is good" as the yardstick, and truly customer demand for financial management and product attributes"
2.From the simple financial product sales to a comprehensive private banking service providers to transfer, the use of Social media enterprise number integration to enhance the system utilization, and effectively for high-end members of the "meticulous" care
3.Based on the powerful cloud computing technology and data analysis capabilities, large data analysis. Build customer financial community, so that customers become your financial experts. While the application will be extended to other areas, and effectively do the same platform
4.The SF system as the core business system and other external systems to do the integration, making the overall business operations support platform to become a true sense of the one-stop operation support business platform