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Salesforce to achieve sales processes, business data, unified management of market activities

Business challenges
1. The sales staff can not log in to the company system to inquire about customer information and sales status
2. Sales staff for their own responsible for the history of the hospital sales can not facilitate the summary of the query, you need Excel to help statistics
3. All types of data scattered, lack of relevance, can not be multi-dimensional statistical summary
4. Uncontrollable sales behavior
5. Market activities, remote registration procedures cumbersome, can not be a very good statistics and personnel replacement

1.Integrate multiple system data with Salesforce platform to solve company information integration
2.Mobile office, easy to query, save query data time, greatly improve work efficiency
3.Achieve the goal and sales management in the system, making sales more planning and execution
4.Carry out the management of market activities to facilitate the registration of doctors. As well as to participate in professional education and training of doctors rating
5.Log on to the Salesforce system directly in the network environment to avoid being restricted by the LAN

1. Integrate the integration of Salesforce with other internal systems
2. To solve the sales staff mobile office, and to achieve coordination with the various departments office, to speed up the business process operation
3. Business data structure, the ability to systematically manage customers, sales activities, equipment sales opportunities and marketing activities
4. Conduct unified management of marketing activities and professional education and training
5. The iterative development environment of Salesforce is well suited to the fast-paced business development and provides strong scalability