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Vanke Group

Vanke service home use SF to reduce the time and cost of delivery, service customer integration, quality improvement

Business challenges

1.Property news response is not smooth

2.Property managers face telephone, site, Social media and other service entrance, can not be found in time service orders

3.To provide multiple services to double the cost of labor

4.Can not really grasp the customer satisfaction situation

5.Can not monitor service quality


1、Strong global search function

2、Quick new features

3、The recent operation of recording memory function

4、The data completely removed before the confirmation again

5、Personalized custom view

6、Repeat the record of intelligent reminders and inquiries

Business Benefits

1、Multi-service customer channels

2、The owners to enhance the satisfaction

3、Reduce customer complaints rate

4、To reduce the transit time and cost

5、Customer service integration, quality improvement