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Micro Field Service

Committed to network speed, with the best performance, lowest cost and the most superior user experience

Use Veevlink to provide on-site services to quickly provide customers with smarter and more personalized mobile and on-site services

Convenient customer repair channels

Through your corporate social media, your customers can initiate service requests and submit repair information. Veevlink micro-field service application allows you to quickly obtain customer service information and respond quickly in the first time

Field service staff work management

With the check-in function, your field service staff can effectively record the time of arrival and departure at the customer site. Regarding the status of the service site, your service staff can take pictures via mobile phones, fill in the site parameters and return the site information. Allow service managers to more effectively grasp the working status of field staff

Smart arrangement and assignment of work

Your field service staff, even if they are not in the company, can quickly receive the work order information assigned by the dispatcher through the social network. Significantly save the cost of communication

Customer satisfaction acquisition

When your field service staff confirm the completion of the service work on the social network, the Salesforce system can instantly push the satisfaction survey questionnaire to the customer through the social network, so that the customer can give feedback on the service work in the first time