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Salesforce helps healthcare companies set new standards for health care

Property services industry:Build customer service management platform of property related industry with property satisfaction as the core

Industry background

In the "Internet+" background, the integration of property management and other industries has become possible. "Internet+" brings the whole industry the most realistic and the most direct result, namely the property management breakthrough. Property business must do one thing in the "Internet+" era, to create! Create new products, create new demands, and create a new era of China's property management. Property companies must provide fast, convenient and quality life, for the owners and users and achieve the value of the property.

Challenges it faces

1.Property call to response is not smooth

2.Property managers face the phone, scene, Social media and other service entrance, and they cannot find the service orders in time

3.Provide multiple services to double the cost of labor

4.Can not track progress in real time

5.Can not grasp the customer satisfaction situation


1.Strong global search function

2.Quick new features addition

3.Recent operations record memory function

4.The data is completely deleted before the confirmation again

5.Personalize the custom view

6.Repeat the smart reminder and query