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Digital education and training: China's management training market was formed at the beginning of the 20th century and has now entered a stage of contending among a hundred schools of thought. The management training industry is a sunrise industry with an annual turnover of over 100 billion yuan.

Industry characteristics

School-age talent and education | Adult education and talent | Entrepreneurship counseling

  • Highly customized business services, fast course changes
  • Complex business process
  • High data real-time requirements
  • Wide student group

The challenge


  • High customer acquisition costs
  • Arrangement of teaching affairs for course classes, complicated planning work
  • Institutions can’t count the attendance rate of statisticians and teachers’ attendance rates in real time
  • Unable to analyze internal business progress in real time
  • Students or parents cannot clearly understand the training effect


  • Smart teaching, innovative teaching mode
  • Socialized course arrangement, class sign-in, effect evaluation
  • Data analysis implementation standards and refined control


Social marketing promotion

Manage marketing activities. Online advertising obtains sales leads through tracking activities to automatically access business opportunities and increase conversion rates

Integrated management of students, teachers, and courses

Build a unified process management process and online satisfaction survey for the organization to improve management follow-up

Management of Student 360 and Teacher 360

student, teacher file management, potential student management, formal student management, student, teacher life cycle management, student, teacher assignment management

Finance Financial Management

Students' collection management, teacher's time calculation expense management, refund management, electronic statement management

Customer Service System

Through corporate social media student return visits, student care, training effect feedback, satisfaction surveys, etc.

Data analysis support strategy

Powerful data analysis system, real-time analysis of students, teachers, course data dynamics and accurate analysis to assist decision-making

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