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Help sales staff to automate quotation configuration faster, more accurately and more intelligently, and realize the whole life cycle management of quotation.


Help sales staff to automate quotation configuration faster, more accurately and more intelligently, and realize the whole life cycle management of quotation.

Industry characteristics of requirements



Brand manufacturers; Such as high-tech product manufacturing, industrial equipment manufacturing, and other product quotation management needs


There is a high demand for controlling the cost and profit of a single quotation.  It may include a combination of hardware, software, or project-type requirements


The quotation process needs unified management; For example, the accuracy of quotation specifications, timeliness, quotation templates and quotation versions are required





Celnet CPQ Solutions

Celnet CPQ is a cloud-based application that helps salespeople configure the right product or service portfolio and create accurate quotes to quickly meet customer quotation needs.


Product and Service Configuration
Pricing Management
Quotation Management

Product and service configuration

Guided allocation

Make sure every quote is accurate and verified. Provide effective and easy-to-follow steps for sales teams to identify customer needs and recommend relevant products.

Visual configuration

Use common product models for one-click quotes or as a basis for customization to quickly complete the configuration process. Reusable rules and easy-to-understand screens help improve direct sales, partner sales, and customer self-service channels.

Pricing management

Flexible pricing

Provide your sales team with consistent real-time price and discount data based on current promotions and regulations. Supports multiple price lists, selective discounts, localized pricing, seasonal pricing, promotions, channel pricing, multi-tier pricing, etc.

Intelligent transaction management

Ensure sales activities are aligned with business objectives and focus on the right deals through in-depth transaction analysis and metrics such as costs, discounts, margins and profitability.

Quotation management

Convenient quotation process

One click to create a professional quotation, the system according to product characteristics, customer areas and other factors to generate sales guidance price, and support price adjustment or discount adjustment, and quickly initiate quotation approval.

Quotation in multiple languages

Celnet CPQ has access to the latest product data, supports the generation of multiple languages, and different forms of quotation (e.g. Excel, PDF), minimizing the impact of information dispersion on sales progress.


End-to-end integration

Use Celnet CPQ to bridge the gap between CRM and ERP systems and establish an end-to-end sales-to-order process. Unify customer data through pricing, inventory, and other key data to improve operations across organizations, reduce sales cycle time, increase business margins, and drive business transformation.


Natively embedded CPQ functionality into CRM solutions gives sales teams easy access to customer order history and create, modify, and send quotes from a single screen.


The features of Celnet CPQ



1.In line with the characteristics of manufacturers, and C/P/Q is fully online.

2.Fully support the management of standard products, customized products, standard parameters, customized optional parameters and customized production parameters.

3.Comprehensive support for product packages, core products, optional products, hardware and software, engineering and other solutions.

4.Product relationship, parameter relationship and other relationship logic can be configured.

5.Support for multiple languages

6.Support flexible customization and development

7.Contains rich interfaces for using by ERP or other systems



Celnet CPQ helps you grow your revenue



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