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Salesforce Starter Pack SFA

CRM quickly implements import projects and quickly establishes your customer management platform

CRM quickly implements import projects and  establishes your customer management platform

The project is implemented from 0 to 1 and completed in one month,Ensure the quality and speed of CRM project implementation


Project Implementation Planning


Customer/Distributor View 360 Degrees

*Limit 15 custom fields

1. Record customer-related information, such as: customer group members, customers, distributors, competitors, media, channels, regions, subsidiaries, industry categories / Grading, contracts, business opportunities, final timesheets, etc.

2. Parent/Subcompany Hierarchy, Contact Hierarchy View


Customer Contact View 360 Degrees

*Limit 15 custom fields

1. Record customer related contact information: company, department, position, phone, email, social media account, direct boss, birthday, preferences, etc. >

2. Querying Contact Hierarchy Views

3. Contact-related business work, marketing activities, business opportunities, contracts, cases, etc.

4. User-defined view: such as this month's birthday contact, North Central South area contact..


Business Opportunity Management Module

*Apply BANT scoring rules without additional custom rating rules


Sales Opportunity Management Module

*Applying a standard stage module without consulting advice

Sales item 360-degree view, all relevant information in the same place

Examples: Opportunity phases, odds of winning, next steps, dates, opportunity team members, contacts and roles, product prices, contracts, orders, receipts , job assignments, etc.

1. Manually or automatically assign business opportunities to different people based on customer/distributor and service categories

2. Understand the progress of sales opportunities through a standardized business opportunity follow-up process

3. Customized Opportunities Stage, combined with sales activities, global salespeople and distributors work on the same set of methodologies


Inter-departmental Collaboration Module

1. Not just social, but communication transformation!

2. Collaborate in business processes, increase user viscosity, and accelerate information delivery and sharing of experience

3. Create Chatter Groups by Theme or Project (Chatter Group)

4. Invite internal/external customers to join the group discussion


Forecast Management Module

1. Use the forecast report to view the status of the current sales target

2. Predict how much money will be available in the future

3. Focus on what should be done to achieve sales goals


Product Information

*Single Language, Single Currency/One Product Manual

1. Business people quickly learn about product specifications and information

2. Business people quickly find competitor information and learn how to beat competitors during winnings

3. Increase Win Rate


Quote management, approval process

*There is no approval function for the PE version. The PDF quotation is based on the standard format.

1. Print PDF Quote

2. Submit a quotation to the approval process

3. Use Salesforce1 Mobile, Email, or Chatter for easy approval and increased productivity


Exclusive Sales Executive Management Dashboard!

1. Overview of Key Orders

2. Monthly Sales Progress Chart

3. Growth Trends

4. Performance Goal Dashboard

5. Overview of ongoing business opportunities

6. Payment Overview

7. Salesperson Performance Ranking


Exclusive Salesperson's Management Dashboard!

1. Sales Progress Statistics

2. Event Management Statistics

3. Performance Achievement Statistics

4. Overview of ongoing business opportunities

5. Transacted Order Statistics

6. Unfilled Order Statistics