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Veevlink Marketing Management

Increase customer engagement and allow opportunities to follow up in real time to get the best lead conversion rate

Activate the campaign management designed by fans, members and customers to increase customer engagement and get the best lead conversion rate


Product Overview

Veevlink marketing management is based on marketing campaign management designed to activate fans, members, and customers. It uses Social media broad user base and ease of use to connect closed loops before, during, and after the event. Use Veevlink marketing management to provide an active live atmosphere such as an interactive lottery package with big screen display, Social media red envelopes, on-site gift redemption, smashing golden eggs, big turntables, and scratch music, etc., to improve customer activity participation, and also to connect events Personal information and business opportunity leads are automatically connected to the CRM system to associate potential customers with customers, so that business opportunities can be followed up in real time to obtain the best lead conversion rate. More importantly, these processes are completed online, which can generate interactive data and manage the return on investment based on the data of the activity output.


Four Steps to Marketing Management




Marketing management diagram


1. Event supplies, prizes

2. Online: SMS, Email, Social media Offline: Poster

3. Comments, likes

4. Social media red envelopes or on-site gifts can be used to smash golden eggs, large turntables, and scratch music


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