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Veevlink Customer Service Management

Help enterprises efficiently serve customers and consumers

Call center customer service management system for enterprises, reduce your customer service operation costs by 40% and increase customer satisfaction by 90%


Product Overview

Veevlink customer service management is a call center customer service management system specially designed for enterprises. It interacts with customers through multiple channels such as voice, Social media, webchat, and email. Record a full range of customer service records and service tracks, customer information and historical conversations, and all contact interactions. Comprehensive quality inspection and report monitoring agent working conditions to assist the contact center management. Platform configuration management, including visual dynamic configuration of agents, skill groups, Social media menus, customers, etc. With a simplified service interface, there is no need to switch back and forth between intelligent service guidance, full-featured service operations, and support for agent collaboration from multiple channels. It is a magic weapon for enterprises to do a good job in customer service. On the client, you can scan Social mediaproduct QR code on the client to generate a service request for automatic Social media online customer service. Customer service personnel can see your device asset status, service level, and service records at the service desk. Customer service staff prepares immediately, brings spare parts and materials, and accurately arrives at the site for repair services through GPS positioning. This is the most efficient service model, which will reduce your company ’s customer service operation costs by 40% and increase customer satisfaction to 90 %.


Four steps of customer service management




Customer service management diagram


Customer Service Management