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Service Cloud

With Service Cloud, your customer service team will be able to service customers anytime, anywhere without any time and place

Your customer service team provides services to customers anytime, anywhere

Service Cloud Introduction

Service Cloud aims to change the company's customer service functions. With a fast and easy-to-use console, your customer service staff can handle cases faster, improve customer satisfaction, and provide comprehensive customer information for your customer service, resulting in satisfactory results for everyone.

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Provide 7*24 hour customer service

With the Salesforce call center system, you can always provide support services to your customers. When customers encounter problems, always hope that the first time to be resolved. Through the call center system, you can provide 24 hours of online support to customers in different channels.

Multi-channel support

With the popularity of the network, customers express the brand and views of the product channels in a more and more diversified way. They will express through the telephone, e-mail and other traditional channels, but also through social media and other emerging channels for feedback. So you need to reach out to different channels to gather more comprehensive feedback, and the Salesforce call center solution can help you solve the problem.

Intelligent prediction

Service Cloud also provides intelligent predictive capabilities that are predicted and resolved before the problem occurs, increasing customer satisfaction.

Faster service

Help customers solve the problem; the speed is also a measure of satisfaction with the standard. With the help of Service Cloud, you can help customers solve problems more quickly and save money for the company. Service Cloud provides the right system and solutions to help you and your customers easily and quickly solve problems and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Customer community, the solution is more diverse

    Through the community function, customers can express their views on the platform, exchange views to achieve self-help and mutual assistance. No matter where they are, and no matter what equipment they use, the community platform can provide them with the help tools needed to solve the problem.

  • Connect mobile devices to break the obstacles of time and distance

    With Salesforce1, the quickest and most intelligent customer service platform, you can manage all cases on the Service Cloud anytime, anywhere.

  • Perfect knowledge reserve

    In the knowledge base related to the product, customers can quickly search the knowledge base to find relevant answers. Even if the customer service staff due to busy and unpopular, customers can also easily through the service management system to solve the problems.

  • Social customer service

    Through the social media channels of the customer service management system, customer service personnel can provide services to customers on any equipment. Collaborative tool in the system is to provide excellent service for the customer service provides a great convenience.

  • Real-time video support to solve the problem more convenient

    When product has problems, customers simply click the SOS button to obtain customer service real-time video support directly through the mobile application.

  • Multi-channel to provide a full range of customer service

    Multi-channel customer service is a new service experience model. Service Cloud can predict the media information associated with the object, link them up and store in the cloud platform, if the future needs to provide customers with relevant services can immediately call the relevant data, so that the service more quickly and thoughtfully.



Complete service CRM for teams of any size

$ 75


Free 30 Day Trial

  • Case management
  • Service contracts and entitlements
  • Single Service Console app
  • Web and email response
  • Social customer service
  • Lead-contact account management
  • Order management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Chatter collaboration
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • CTI integration
  • Mobile access and administration
  • Limited process automation
  • Limited number of record types, profiles, and role permission sets
  • Unlimited apps and tabs



Customizable CRM for comprehensive service

$ 150


Free 30 Day Trial

Get all Professional features PLUS

    • Advanced case management
    • Multiple Service Console apps
    • Workflow and approvals
    • Integration via web service API
    • Enterprise analytics
    • Call scripting
    • Offline access
    • Salesforce Identity
    • Salesforce Private AppExchange
    • Custom app development
    • Multiple sandboxes
    • Knowledge base**
    • Live Agent web chat**
    • Customer Community**
    • Live video chat (SOS)**




           Unlimited CRM power                 

$ 300


Free 30 Day Trial

Get all Enterprise features PLUS

    • Live Agent web chat
    • Knowledge base
    • Additional data storage
    • Expanded sandbox environments
    • 24/7 toll-free support
    • Access to 100+ admin services
    • Unlimited online training
    • Customer Community**
    • Live video chat (SOS)**