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Innovation exists in our genes

Regardless of the industry from which you are, we have experts to understand the specific challenges facing your industry and to understand the importance of meeting customer needs.

Digital real estate: In the Internet era that emphasizes customer experience, how to transform into a truly customer-centric customized company will become a major issue in the real estate industry.

Digital technology manufacturing: How can technology manufacturing companies gain outstanding competitiveness and advantages in these fields during their transformation journey? You need to light up the technology tree that suits you.

Digital industrial manufacturing: The popularity of social media and mobile devices has broken the boundaries between enterprises and customers. If the manufacturing industry wants to succeed tomorrow, it must become a social enterprise today.

Digital FMCG retail: The FMCG retail industry is undergoing profound changes, from the traditional store-based sales method to a model that emphasizes both stores and online stores, or is based on online sales.

Digital medical equipment: The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of my country's national economy. It is a combination of traditional and modern industries, but there are still many problems.

Property services industry:Build customer service management platform of property related industry with property satisfaction as the core

Digital education and training: China's management training market was formed at the beginning of the 20th century and has now entered a stage of contending among a hundred schools of thought. The management training industry is a sunrise industry with an annual turnover of over 100 billion yuan.

Digital property services: In the context of "Internet+", the integration of property management and other industries has become possible. Property companies must maintain and increase the value of properties for owners.