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City Expo exhibition

Leveraging Veevlink to quickly reach viewers through multiple channels

Business challenges

1.Several sets of existing systems in parallel, the relationship between the data complex, can not be unified management of customers
2.Rapid changes in the exhibition business, the current system can not be flexible adjustment, can not support business development
3.Several sets of existing systems are fragmented, highly integrated, inefficient and error-prone
4.Cannot multi-dimensional real-time analysis of business, cannot real-time analysis of the audience to participate in activities, staff performance and so on


1.Through the audience management, unified management of multi-channel source of the audience information
2.Through the market activities management, collaboration multi-channel audience recruitment
3.Through a strong enterprise-class platform, continuous integration of various business systems and applications
4.Through the Veevlink service, integrated Social media service number and Salesforce, real-time in the micro-client account binding, the audience registration, and questionnaire survey
5.Conduct multidimensional business analysis with flexible, custom analysis reports


1.Get a 360-degree view of the audience; understand the needs of customers and exhibitors
2.o track the audience pre-registration status of multi-channel (official website, Social media, call center, etc.), to track the market activity ROI in real time and increase 31.7% of audience customers'
3.Integration of various business applications in a unified customer platform to enhance business efficiency and collaboration, drive sales
4.Obtain business transparency, rapid support for business decisions
5.Continue to use Salesforc platform to expand, such as vendor management, buyers-sellers collaboration community