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Xinguangjin Gas Equipment Research Institute

Veevlink efficient collaboration site service to enhance customer satisfaction

Business challenges

1.The company has running ERP system, its own development of the escrow system, customer satisfaction survey questionnaire system, information island serious, can not unified business processes and management of business data
2.The company's business in the rapid development, on the one hand to expand the escrow business, on the other hand to expand the foreign market, Inner Mongolia has set up branches
3.Several sets of existing systems are fragmented, highly integrated, inefficient and error-prone
4.Service maintenance, inspection management chaos, not scientific and effective management
5.Cannot multi-dimensional real-time analysis of business, real-time analysis of business progress, staff performance and so on


1.Manage all customer-related information through the management of the 360 ° view of customer information
2.Assist salespeople to conduct business opportunities to follow up the entire life cycle management
3.Continuous integration of various business systems and applications through a strong enterprise-class platform
4.Through the Veevlink platform services, the Social media business number, service number and Salesforce integration, real-time push maintenance and inspection information, on-site service staff Social media signed out, Social media survey
5.Conduct multidimensional business analytics with flexible, custom analytics reports


1.Get 360° customer view, gain insight into customer sales and service needs
2.Assist sales staff to carry out business opportunities to follow up the whole life cycle management, standardize the project sales process, enhance sales contribution
3.Mobile Social media and SFDC mobile inspection program to enhance the service efficiency, customer experience and customer satisfaction
4.Diversify the system of the various departments of the company through the SFDC business operation platform to achieve information integration, to enhance the company's overall business operations insight, to achieve all aspects of the project process real-time collaboration, improve the company's profitability