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Gome Smartphone

Use the Salesforce platform to standardize business processes to increase market share

Business challenges

1. Sales business
Complex and diverse types of channels
Sales target and forecast warning of purchasing and safe stock
2. Mobile sales support
Restrictions on multiple types of contracts for subsequent operating modules
Special order restrictions for different types of orders
Special rebate and price guarantee rules in the industry
3. Warehouse logistics support
Logistics and outbound and outbound tracking for mobile phone serial number
Invoicing and inventory accounting for procurement and sales
4. Financial support
Different types of orders receivable/payable generation rules
Financial receipt/payment account management
Financial receivable/payable batch write-off function


1. Channel business classification management: learn from the mobile phone industry channel supply, the channel is divided into agents, operators, distributors, large customers, retailers and other customer types, the implementation of targeted product pricing strategy

2. Channel manager account fund management: for each channel to create customer account funds, management of different types of funds, and record the details of the funds revenue and expenditure, generate monthly statements, and customers reconciliation

3. Multi-order type support: support Sell In/Sell Through/Sell Out various types of orders under the order to support the special restrictions on the various types of orders, and special follow-up logistics financial trigger rules

4. Order logistics tracking management: docking with the An Xun logistics system to achieve the status of each order logistics real-time tracking and query

5. Inventory invoicing management: through docking Acciona Logistics, extract its storage information, accounting for inventory sales, and inventory with the inventory to achieve reconciliation inventory

Business income

1. Business process standardization: the end of November for the upcoming US-American mobile phone industry to provide business consulting, making sales, operations, logistics, finance can be an orderly support of the new US mobile phone market

2. Business automation: the system makes the business (such as orders, logistics, inventory, sales target, sales forecast, financial settlement, reconciliation and write-off) more automated, more convenient business in Salesforce 1 mobile terminal

3. Operation data unified management: product master data, customer information, orders, contracts, finance, inventory, sales and other important data storage and management, better support the flow of business chain

4. Business promotion management support: management through the system analysis of the business situation, better to improve business operations to guide the recommendations

5. Improve the market share of products: effective promotion of sales staff, service personnel and other internal staff collaboration and efficiency, adjust the sales strategy, and ultimately improve product sales and market share