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Membership management system platform

Construct the FMCG, the retail industry unified service system, mobile customer service office, enhance customer experience


Customer management


O2Owork order management


Online communication management


Call center management


Social media online customer service


Data management


Knowledge management


Document management


Business background

Digitization will be the first priority for the development of retail, use mobile Internet, large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and electricity business tools to comprehensively promote the retail channel digitization. Member marketing has become the basis of large data marketing through the member system design, member data analysis and other mining needs and trends, which can cultivate a large number of loyal customers and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Mine the customers' buying ability to form a second sales opportunity and become the pursuit of business goals. At the same time, the digital application will realize more personalized interaction between consumers and goods, but also make the brand quickly make insight into consumer demand through data analysis.

Business challenges

1.Lack unified customer service management platform
2.Difficult to standardize, automate the complex customer service process
3.Difficult to track multi-brand, multi-contact customer complaints
4.The original system is difficult to quickly expand or integrate

Application product

1.Service Cloud
2.Service Cloud Console
3.Live Agent, Knowledge
4. Cloud CTI integration
6.Social media public/business account integration
7.Analytics Cloud


1.Access customer's basic information through online conversations, unified management of customer information from multiple sources
2.Customer case follow-up of the whole life cycle manage through the management of customer service activities, manage the case handling process, standardize the service process SOP, improve customer satisfaction


1.Obtain consumers, members, case-related information, get 360-degree view
2.Multi-touch real-time tracking internal and external customer reports in a unified customer service platform

Advantages of Celnet

Take advantage of our global experience in helping to transform many traditional retail industries
Have a number of large enterprises and retail FMCG industry Social media platform member management experience