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Digital property services: In the context of "Internet+", the integration of property management and other industries has become possible. Property companies must maintain and increase the value of properties for owners.

Digital property services

-> 01 Property CRM

With the help of salesforce's strong construction and expansion capabilities, Celnet customizes the CRM system to meet the in-depth needs of the enterprise, realizes 360° customer portraits, and quickly supports comprehensive property services and internal management processes.

-> 02 Rental platform

The whole business process chain from the client, the owner and the broker realizes the construction of a point-to-face information system, and creates a customer contact leasing platform covering the entire business cycle.

-> 03 IoT platform

The Celnet IoT platform adopts the “end-to-end” IoT ecosystem, which can remotely connect all “things”, manage equipment and collect data. It is fully integrated with Salesforce cloud services to further realize real-time event management, rich data analysis and visualization.

-> 04 Commercial Operation Management Platform

Celnet business operation management platform provides operation management tools for property business operations, including merchant cashiers, business applets/park apps, intelligent access to banks and automatic accounting systems, combined with CRM and intelligent systems (such as access control, parking, etc.) While providing convenience to customers, as well as attracting traffic to businesses, businesses can also provide differentiated services for different user groups (automatically identified by the system) in the property business circle. The property company realizes business transaction analysis, user customer group analysis, and targeted design of marketing plans through the operating platform. The system provides transaction data support for each marketing plan implementation effect, forming a closed feedback loop.

-> 05 Customer interaction platform

Celent's customer interaction platform aims to connect the life cycle of individual customers and build a complete closed loop of corporate customer management. It not only helps individual customers achieve experience change, but also helps corporate customers achieve management change. Use data to enhance insights, output accurate brand positioning and marketing strategies, and continuously optimize results based on data tracking. Through algorithms, interact with customers in multiple formats to help multi-format marketing and improve brand and satisfaction.

01 Property CRM


01 Property CRM

  • Service number

    Registration & Landing&Real Estate Binding   Report Submission&Complaint Suggestions&Visitors Release   Property Payment&Community Activities&Property Announcement   Co-resident Management&Personal Center

  • Community activities

    Group Management &Member Management   Content Operation&Activity Execution

  • Appeal function

    Report management & repair report management, complaint management & walk management

  • Active service

    Visit Management & Release Management    Vacant House Management & Active Service

  • Report management

    Visit report & report report & recovery rate table & collection rate table

  • Cloud call center

    Report management   Complaint management   Satisfaction survey

  • Customer management

    Customer Information Management &Guest Relations   Event Management

  • Real estate management

    Public District Management Project Management   Building Management   House Management

  • Service content management

    物Industry management Housing maintenance   Complaint management   Satisfaction survey   Market activity management

  • Social media cloud service management

    Official Account Management Fan Management   Employee Management   Menu Management

  • Request report management

    Complaint Report Report Response Rate Report   Repair Response Rate Report   Revisit Work Order Statistics

02 Rental and Sale Platform


02 Rental and Sale Platform

  • User desktop
  • Property Management

    The real estate dictionary information accurate to the room is not repeated throughout the system. Store personnel applications need to be reviewed by the area to avoid re-ordering

  • Customer source management

    Covers the customer’s active information of owners, tenants and buyers, the whole system is not repeated, all personnel can be added without review, the system controls the uniqueness of customers with mobile phone numbers

  • Contract management

    Interoperable data is automatically filled or can be associated with input matching to improve efficiency

  • Intention Fund Management
  • Commission management

    Fully supports the collection of commissions and increased commissions, distinguishing owners and customers

    Support complex logic such as commission refund and corresponding performance processing

  • Transaction report

    Performance distribution is open and transparent, and any objections to internal checks can be appealed

  • After-sales management

    After-sales management, global view design, unified management of after-sales business with transaction as the dimension

  • Performance indicator report

    Customized performance indicators, follow up with actual assessment methods

  • Broker APP-Home

    Mobile design style, clear functions, simple operation, easy to use

03 IoTplatform


03 IoTplatform

Celnet platgform


|  Main functions of Celnet cloud platform

  • Real-time data module
  • Inspection module
  • Dashboardmodule
  • Vedio module
  • View module
  • Data module management
  • Alarm module

|  Industry layout display and industry application display

04 Commercial Operation Management Platform


04 Commercial Operation Management Platform

|  Industry Application

Residential complex, office complex

05 Customer interaction platform


05 Customer interaction platform

|  Build your ownCDP(Customer data platform)

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