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Digital technology manufacturing: How can technology manufacturing companies gain outstanding competitiveness and advantages in these fields during their transformation journey? You need to light up the technology tree that suits you.

Industry characteristics

Consumer Electronics | Motors | Communication | Semiconductors | Home Appliances | Automatic Control

  • Multiple customers, multiple varieties, multiple batches
  • Take orders and contracts as the core
  • Many supply chains and weak connections
  • Product traceability is difficult
  • Complex product return and service system
  • Huge distribution system
  • Global operations

Challenges faced


  • The trial production of new products is difficult to control, and the time period for follow-up of business opportunities is long
  • It is difficult for sales representatives to control complete customer information
  • Expanding overseas markets is expensive, and marketing channels are low in transparency
  • How to manage distribution channels and reduce inventory risk
  • How to manage customer satisfaction and increase the value of the brand


  • Improve collaboration capabilities and optimize resource allocation
  • Refine the sales process and improve the accuracy of forecasting
  • Implement a unified platform for customers and use data to support decision-making


Marketing Automation

Manage industry exhibitions, roadshows, marketing activities, and online advertising to obtain sales leads through tracking activities to automatically access business opportunities, increase conversion rates, and help promote global marketing

Customer Center and Product Center

With the help of a unified customer platform, a customer classification system is set up, combined with product basic information management, product barcode label management and at the same time associating customer codes to open up product recall

Integration with ERP/PLM and other process systems

Build a company's unified information process, and use the customer unified platform to link business opportunities, contracts, production, inventory, logistics and other information

Configuration, pricing and quotation

Optimize profit through the automation of product specification configuration, pricing and quotation

Distribution management establishes a channel portal

By establishing a channel portal to obtain real-time business opportunities, price application and channel inventory status, you can replenish goods in time

Field Service Automation

The process of installation, modulation, acceptance and after-sales can be combined with positioning system (GPS), online signature, etc. “Internet + technology“, efficient service

Data analysis support strategy

Powerful data analysis system, real-time analysis of customer, sales, product data dynamics, accurate analysis to assist decision-making

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